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Utopia Project Free

4.8 ( 1978 ratings )
Utvecklare: Alberto Velaz

Utopia is never reached as much as you progress. But it serves to do just that, to move forward...
Seek to improve the small world around you slowly, but you must not change this little world, but you have to change yourself.
Aim small good wills you can perform in a short term, at most a day.
And when you finish that time, youll give values if you have been able to do so.
Those little steps that go on giving, will make your little world is every day a little better. And possibly, you too will feel better seeing that others are better too.
I hope this small application, make your life and the lives of those around you a little better.
Start walking...

Choose a good will to take in the day.
You can choose from several categories. If none of them matches what youre thinking, you can create a new one.
Choose within the category the good will, in the case that is not in the list, you can add it.
Once selected, you have 24 hours to carry it out.
As time has passed or when youve done the good will that you had proposed, you can evaluate whether you got it or not.
In the history tab you will see your good wills have been, in green these ones you get carried out and in red no.
As you performing good wills, the mandala will fill with color.

I wish you fill many mandalas and do very happy people around you!

Good **** by GamePlayer212231
Its a very nice app. Its based off of a sweet concept and I think that anyone who needs a little help doing a little better should try it indefinitely